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Medical products

OPENCAST is a new revolutionary shower-friendly cast. OPENCAST is made of strong and skin-friendly material and is easy to shape and put on. OPENCAST allows patients to live comfortable daily lives with the cast on and its removal is a safe and simple procedure. The unique design allows the cast to take different shapes and sizes and it´s easy to form a splint, a cervical collar, a brace, a arm or leg etc.

BAP SCARCARE is a medical, silicone therapy for professional scar care treatment. It ensures a quicker and improved healing of the skin and makes existing scars become flatter, smoother and thinner. BAP SCARCARE comprises 4 products, with scintifically proven effectivness.  

SCARBAN C-SECTION is a silicone scar therapy specially developed for C-section aftercare. SCARBAN C-SECTION actively reduce scars and are effective on both new and old scars (hypertrophic/ keloid). SCARBAN C-SECTION significantly reduce thickness, redness and complaints such as itching and pain. SCARBAN is made of 100% medical silicone and have UV and sunprotection 50. It´s washable and durable in use.

ALHYDRAN is a medical aftercare for the skin. ALHYDRAN is effective in relieving many skin conditions such as burn wounds, laser treatment, radiotherapy, scars, dry skin and wounds. The powerful moisture-regulating crem that ensures optimal hydration, comes from fresh Aloe Vera and it´s effect is scientifically proven.

WOUND is a medical class II spray. WOUND is a clinically effective primary wound dressing that supports self-care for chronic and acute wounds. 100% natural. WOUND maintains a moist wound enviroment and enable the body to activate psysiological wound healing.

AESThetic products

V SOFT LIFT is the new generation of face lift where no surgical intervention is required. V SOFT LIFT offers a non-permanent thread lift with thin narrow patented PDO-sutures. These suturs are gradually absorded by the skin tissue and are used to lift the face.