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Top products for AESTHETIC medicine

MESOESTETIC is a global leader in anti-ageing and pigmentation brightening solutions. It´s an advanced, safe and effective skincare that is fully customisable. By incorporating medical derived technology with active ingredient-rich formulations, optimum skin health and vitality are moments away.

ALLÉL provides a journey within to find the keydrivers to your individual aging, by providing  our own developed DNA-test and scientific products to match your profile.

Infuzion System is a new needle-free treatment where hyaluronic acid is penetrated into the skin through the pores. Infuzion fills each and every skin cell and eliminates thereby wrinkles and crowfeet.

V-Soft Lift is the new generation of face lift where no surgical intervention is requires. V-Soft Lift offers a non-permanent thread lift with thin narrow patented PDO-sutures that are gradually absorded by the skin tissue and are used to lift the face.

HYA CORP is a comprehensive range of applications for treating various parts of skin, wrinkle types and body contouring.