V Soft Lift


V Soft Lift wire lift, facelift without surgery.

V Soft Lift is a modern, effective and safe treatment to achieve a soft and natural face lift. With a minimally invasive method, you get a visible and long-lasting result without scars or long recovery. Areas that can be treated are for example, problem areas such as hanging eyebrows, heavy cheeks, the jaw line and sagging skin on the neck. V Soft Lift provides an excellent aesthetic result where it previously was not possible without resorting to traditional plastic surgery.

How does V Soft Lift work?

Using the V Soft Lift method, thin threads of PDO (polydioxanone) are used. They are inserted a few mm below the skin and provide a soft, natural and long-lasting lift. The PDO threads directly give a visible mechanical lift and when they are broken down and resorbed over time, the skin’s collagen synthesis increases. The result is a rejuvenated appearance with firm, more elastic and resilient skin as well as improved structure and luster.

Before treatment, the skin is anesthetized with anesthetic ointment to minimize discomfort and a treatment can take between 30-90 minutes depending on the area and number of threads used.


Immediately after treatment, you can get some swelling and blisters that usually settle within a few days. If a more extensive treatment has been done then it may take more time. The effect of the treatment is immediately visible but the end result is seen after 6-9 months and the effect can last over two years.