Alhydran är en kraftfull fuktreglerande hudkräm som tränger djupt in i huden och förbättrar huden inifrån. Den erbjuder varaktig hudåterfuktning och hjälper huden att återhämta sig. Som ett resultat minskar Alhydran hudproblem.

Open cast

Opencast is a new innovative product consisting of composite materials. A product that can be used in most fractures where plaster treatment is topical. With  Opencast,  the patient can take a swim, bathe, it is hygienic and comfortable to wear. Easy to correct/adjust if necessary and you can ocularly inspect the fracture area without having to remove the plaster. The plaster is easy to use, and it is time saving.


What is Galaflex?

GalaFLEX® is a temporary, absorbable scaffold used to strengthen, stabilize and support weakened soft tissue. It was designed to provide support immediately after breast surgery, which allows your body to heal and create a healthy new tissue plane of primarily mature collagen.
GalaFLEX scaffold are made from a biologically derived polymer known as poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB™), which breaks down over time into CO2 and H2O, a process similar to absorbable stitches. This means that your body knows how to metabolize and completely absorb the scaffold safely and naturally. GalaFLEX® scaffolds are offered in a variety of shapes for use in breast surgery procedures. Each GalaFLEX® scaffold is selected by your surgeon specific to your body’s shape and needs.

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