Wound sårspray, 10 ml

310.00 kr

WOUND wound spray, 10 ml for acute and chronic wounds.


WOUND a natural spray for acute and chronic wounds

WOUND is an innovative, 100% natural wound spray for daily use. The spray is suitable for acute and chronic wounds, the wound edge all around as well as the perianth. WOUND spray is a patented technology that is clinically proven to promote cell growth and activate physiological wound healing.

How does WOUND wound spray work?

WOUND is 100% natural and consists of a composition of Neem oil and Saint John’s oil. Its wound healing effect is a result of the oil film that WOUND creates on the wound, and the surrounding skin as well as the fatty acids in the oil. Fatty acids in the oil film provide an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects, which can otherwise inhibit wound healing. The oil film creates a moist wound environment that promotes cell growth and encapsulates the bacteria. The oil film also prevents the compress from sticking to the wound.

WOUND wound spray, 10 ml is enough for about 120 sprays.